Exercises to Relieve Bicep Tendonitis

Inflammation of the biceps tendon frequently sidelines professional baseball players, football quarter backs, those playing tennis, swimmers, and golfers who all use repetitive overhead motion as part of their sport or profession. These sports injuries create biceps tendonitis which can develop both in the shoulder and the elbow, depending upon the nature of the repetitive motion. This typically is most evident as shoulder pain. But, what exactly is bicep tendonitis? More importantly, how do we help to relieve the inflammation in the bicep tendon, causing bicep tendonitis?

Biceps Tendinitis, What is it?

man with bicep pain

Biceps tendonitis is an acute inflammation of the tendons in the upper arm. The heads of the biceps attach to two points in the upper arm to the coracoid process of the scapula and the glenoid fossa of the shoulder blade (where the humeral head attaches). Where these tendons attach is the area of most wear and tear with respect to repetitive shoulder motions. In the distal portion of the upper arm (the area furthest from the shoulder) the attachment is to the radius bone of the forearm.

Tendons are strong, much stronger than muscles, with motion of over use, they can become inflamed and very painful. The shoulder girdle reduces in motion. This overuse can lead to mirco-tears and full width tears, develop into rotator cuff tears and restricting the range of motion  of the joint,  limiting daily activities.

As the overuse continues and the inflamed tendon worsens, it becomes red, swollen and painful. As the condition progresses, the outer covering of the tendon thickens which can eventually lead to a tear, producing a prominent buldge in the upper arm. This can lead to shoulder instability, irritation of the rotator cuff muscles and decreasing the range of motion of the shoulder joint.

What Gentle Exercises Can Relieve Painful Biceps Tendonitis?

Biceps Curls with Dumbbells

The the starting position  with the front of your shoulder  facing the wall, grab a pair of dumbbells, a light weight of between 5 to 10 pounds – or lighter, and with the the palm facing each other, do ten (10) repetitions of curls three (3) times. The next set three (3) for ten (10) repetitions should be done with the palm facing upward. If you do not have dumb bells available to you, you can substitute the weight for something as simple as a jar or can.

Shoulder Flexion with Dumbbells

Using the dumbbells or similar weight, start with the arms to your side and lift both arms to the level of your shoulder height and bend the elbow at ninety degrees (90 degrees). This exercise an also be done for three (3) sets with ten (10) repetitions per set.

Shoulder Flexion and Extension Exercises

On the injured side, flex and extend your elbow. Bringing your palm to your shoulder, bend your elbow as much as possible. To finish, straighten both your arm and elbow. This can also be done for three (3) sets with ten (10) reps per set.

Bicep Stretch

Place the injured palm side against the wall or a firm surface. You will now slowly turn your upper body away from the wall. At this point you should feel the stretch of the biceps, chest and shoulder. Hold the stretch for up to thirty (30) seconds and then rest and for fifteen (15) seconds and then repeat three (3) times.

Single Shoulder Flexion

With the injured palm side on the wall in front of you, Slowly raise the fingers tips so they are pointing to the ceiling. At this point you may need to walk closer to the wall. You can also use your finger tips to help your shoulder “walk up the wall”. You can do ten (10) repetitions for three (3) sets. The goal of the exercise is to increase the height of the arm raise.

Treatment for Biceps Tendonitis

There are a multitude of treatments for bicepital tendonitis. The best treatment to prevent biceps tendonitis is rest and avoid activities which initially caused the inflammation. If you are no better after rest, icing the area and doing the exercise program above (shoulder exercises), it is time to make an appointment with Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic to investigate more effective treatment options.

The best treatment for bicep tendonitis is to rest the tendons and to avoid in the activity that caused inflammation to the area in the first place. If after two weeks of applying ice, resting the area, and doing exercises to relieve biceps tendinitis with no improvement, it is time to see Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic to explore more effective treatment options.

Make an appointment with Tebby Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Clinic right away if your bicep tendonitis does not improve after 2 weeks of proper care in order to prevent permanent damage to your tendons.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Call us at 704-541-7111 or request an appointment online today!

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Chiropractic Care For Common Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Care For Common Sports Injuries

Sports injury stems from multiple factors. You might have gone through forceful motions or over-the-top training. Your warm-up session could be erroneous without supervision. Given the title, you may ask yourself, ‘what a sports chiropractor near me can do here?’ Let’s find out the common sports injuries that chiropractic can treat-

Neck Injuries

Soccer, rugby or any other contact sport runs the risk of ‘whiplash’. This form of neck injury causes the player with constrained neck movement, excruciating pain whenever she/he puts the head forwards and backward. With chiropractic, rest assured that your neck will be dealt with tenderly. Spinal manipulation, massage to increase blood flow and rehab will recover your neck back in its original form.

Knee Strain (or Runner’s Knee)

It is easy to assume that knee strain can only take place due to aging or in professional running. However, in all actuality, an act as simple as jogging can put your knees in an irreparable state. With sports chiropractic, you are bound to walk better and without gait. What are the techniques sports chiropractor implements in curing runner’s knee? Well, it’s a combination of deep-tissue massage, workout, and tons of stretching. Not only that, trust your chiropractor to guide you through the right footwear during this period.



Tennis Elbow

Do you know that our elbows receive the least amount of bloodstream amidst the entire body? Through chiropractic, you can get cured of tennis elbow with time. Meanwhile, experience the thorough muscle therapy as well as spinal manipulation (that is synonymous with chiropractic) for discharging joint pain and recapture normal movements.

A recommended chiropractic session will also loosen the stiffness of your elbow joints.  This, in effect, reduces the degree of severe inflammation your muscle tissues are enduring. In case it is required, your chiropractor might avail of laser therapy as a feature of the treatment. So be aware of that.

Hamstring Strain

Hamstring strain is by far the most notorious sports injury among athletes. RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is the widely promoted chiropractic care to nurse hamstring strain. It’s followed by electrotherapy, muscle stretch, joint manipulation and a planned exercise. Read the above points carefully and you will notice- there is no mention of oral medication or going under the knife. To bounce back from muscular imbalance, chiropractic is the safest method.

Why Chiropractic?

Most of the sports injuries share one common point- slip disc or disc inflammation. The focal point of chiropractic care lies with spinal manipulation. Alongside it, stretching of muscles, ice pack, deep-tissue massage and minimal (or zero) oral medication are what make chiropractic such an ‘accepted’ therapy among athletes. So even if you are in doubt while receiving this treatment, tell yourself-‘the chiropractor near me is doing the best service to my injuries.’ Believe in us, you will bounce back just fine.

Chiropractic is fastly becoming the number one choice among sports persons. The extensive counseling sessions and rehabilitation are other two components that have made chiropractic such a rage for athletes. Seek it when necessary, to treat your body non-intrusively, and retain peace of mind.